A Checklist for Your Wedding Stationery:

Have You Thought About These Ideas?

Today we are focusing on the items of stationery you may want for you wedding day. Here at Invites by Jamie we provide collections of stationery.

Read on for our stationery essentials list;

Save the Date cards

Send them as soon as you can, a minimum of 8 months before. Remember if you are sending someone a save the date you will need to invite them to the wedding. So consider your guest list carefully before sending out! If you are getting married at a busy time of year, Christmas or the summer holidays. Then you may want to send the Save the Dates a little earlier, to give your guests more time to organise themselves to attend your wedding.

Wedding Invitations

Obviously, the Save the Date will have secured a date to your guests and it’s almost like an invitation in itself. But the Invitation is the most exciting! this is best sent 4 - 6 months before your wedding. Go for a longer timescale if your wedding is in a busy time of year, as mentioned above.
RSVP cards

These can be included in the envelope with your invitations so that your guests can start responding straight away. You’ll need to include a ‘reply by’ date, so we’d suggest asking your guests to respond about a month before the wedding. You can then chase up non-responders and ensure you now your exact numbers, this then allows you set seating plan and organise catering.

Guest Information Cards

Guest information cards are entirely optional but they do allow you to give you guests more information and we believe allow them to feel more prepared for the day, especially if they are going to need accomodation. Here, you can include details such as directions to the venue, any accommodation available and where they can find your gift ideas (if you want to mention it). The Information Card can easily be included with your Invitation and RSVP.

Order of the Day

You’ll want these to be handed out to your guests as they arrive at your ceremony or reception on the big day. This will help all guests know what is happening throughout the day. They normally cover a brief summary of the day, but can include a much as you want, including food options, speeches and events that guests might not want to miss; first dance, photo booths, prosecco cart, fairground, fireworks. The choices are endless or in reality as big as your budget!

Order of the Service

Only needed for guests attending the actual ceremony, they can be given out by ushers or simply left on seats, you ideally need a minimum of 1 in 2. Your order of service will simply list what is going to happen during the ceremony so you might want to liaise with the church or registrar’s office to ensure you’ve got all the details and times right.

Seating plan

The Seating Plan will displayed outside where your guests will sit to eat the Wedding Breakfast, normally your venue will display it for you. Seating plans can be tied into your chosen stationery theme.

Place cards

These should also be handed over to the venue before or earlier on your big day. Place cards are quite self-explanatory but basically, you’ll need one each for your guests so they can find their seats and if you desire, one each for the wedding party.

Menu cards

Depending on your food choices for your wedding day, will influence your menu card choices. You may pre decided menu and therfore you will send your menu cards out with your info. You may then choose to remind guests of the choices through table menu cards or by including the menu on your Order of the Days, this is especially easy if you are doing a lanyard style!

Thank you cards

There are two types of thank you cards that you might want to give out. Firstly, you may wish to give thank you cards to your wedding party, once you’ve finished your speeches. Secondly, you might like to send thank you cards to your guests after the wedding to show your appreciation for their company. Either way, it’s definitely something that is worth preparing well in advance of your big day so you won’t be stressing that you’ve forgotten them!

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Thank you for reading,

Love Jamie. x