Wedding Invitation Ideas and Themes

An article discussing our favourite themes and wedding invitation ideas...

So, firstly I want to say, I believe your wedding, is just that and you should have whatever you want and dream off, including the invites you want. However, everyone responds to themes and ideas and we wouldn't be a design business or at the first instance an artist, without looking at what is going on around us. At the end of the day inspiration comes from all avenues. But what I aim to do in the following few paragraphs is pick out what are some of my favourite and current themes.

Hand-drawn Venue Illustrations

The first one, which is slightly annoying, but also shows I was on to something, is 'Venue Inspired' wedding invitations. Which is the main focus of most of our invites at 'Invites by Jamie'. Custom details and high levels of personalisation on your wedding invites has become the standard for many couples. They are a a particular favourite for couples choosing a destination wedding, however, the ost beautiful venus exist here at home and abroad so whichever you choose a venue illustrated wedding invitation, is a great choice. Adding a piece of art to your wedding invite really adds to the personalised feel. At Invites by Jamie, we represent all our venue as line pencil drawings. We are also exploring converting these to foil outlines to add a little shimmer to your wedding invites.

Colour Matched Stationery using Marbling

The next theme I would like to look at is Marbled background, the traditional avenue is the grey and white marbles however coloured marble is now becoming just as popular in 2020 and looks set to continue. This is fast becoming a unique way to customise your invites as the marbling can be set to your wedding colour theme. We also like using this background to tie together all your wedding stationery.

Say it in Less

If you can say it in 10 words rather than 20, do! This is also then reflected in the fonts used on wedding invitations. Caligraphy is still very popular and obviously a classic, so no need to be put of. However, opting for simpler fonts for a more comtemporary look is fast becoming a new option for couples everywhere. This trend gives a modern feel to wedding invitations and can be customized to any colour range.

Best Brights

Colour will be adding to wedding invitation designs in striking ways, with bold colours set to lead the way with orange, fushia, green and blue all great choices is if love a bright splash of colour in your life.

So, another short and sweet article from Invites by Jamie. If you have any questions or an idea you would like designed for your special day please do get in touch.

Love Jamie. x