When to send your wedding invitations...

A quick intro on when to send wedding invitations, save the dates and extra info

Knowing the best time to send out all your wedding stationery to get everyone in attendance you want, is not always easy. See below for an easy to follow timeline.

When should we set up our wedding website?

12 months from your Wedding Day.

When should we send our 'Save the date'?

6 months plus from your big day.

If you are planning a destination wedding or getting married at a Peak holiday, try and send out as soon as possible to give your guest plenty of notice and time to plan. Save the dates should be relatively vague on details, but remember, they are a great way to set the theme for your day and introduce your guests to your wedding style.

When should we send our Wedding Invitations?

2 - 4 months from your Wedding Day. (4 or more if you have picked a destination wedding)

Your wedding invitations should give guests all the exciting details of your big day. Look for wedding invitations that match your theme and colour scheme, a good wedding invitation designer will be able to grant all your wishes with a bespoke design. Name drop time, Invites by Jamie can do just that. Additional information cards and RSVPs are things to consider adding to your wedding invitation bundle or on your main invitation.

When should your RSVP date be?

The RSVP deadline should a be a minimum of a month from your big day. However, this can be guided by your venue as some request longer timescales for menu choices which are often included in your RSVPs.

When are what stationery will we need on the day?

Any stationery such as Order of Service, place cards, table plans, menu cards, table numbers/ names all need to be designed and ordered 1 - 2 months before. So their is no last minute, panic chasing.

When to send Thank You cards?

It is best to get your thank cards to all your guests, anyone who sent you card or present and did not attend and anyone who helped with the planning of your big day.

Hopefully, the snapshot above has helped you with knowing what and when to send. Remember, to create your own perfect suite of wedding stationery contact Invites by Jamie to specialise in Venue Inspired and Witty wedding invtations and stationery.

Take care,

Jamie. x